1.Measure rice accurately with a measuring cup.

2.Wash the measured rice before start polishing it so the rice will not absorb the smell of the rice bran and oils seeping out from it.
3.Pour the rice into a bowl with cold water. 
4.Throw away the murky white water to avoid any odor absorption. It's important to do this quickly.

5.Gently polish the rice by rubbing it with your fingers in a circular motion and repeat this action 3 times.(Only one time if the rice is newly harvested)
6.Pour cold water onto the rice and soak rice in water for about 30 minutes. (No need to be soaked If the rice is  newly harvested)
7.Start steaming the rice with a rice cooker.
8.After rice is cooked wait about 15min until It's steamed.
9.Stir the rice with a rice scoop like scooping and cutting X in the rice and it is ready to eat                         
・Use cold soft water to wash and soak rice.(Soft water:water of low calsium content) 
※Recommend:Menehune Water
・Soak rice in cold water for about 30min.
・Wait about 15min after rice is cooked.