Special TSUYAHIME produced by specific contract farmers and awarded the first prize in Japan.
A little bigger grain than regular TSUYAHIME.
You can enjoy peculiar taste, shinning and flavor. The more you chew, the more the flavor spreads in your mouth.
Suitable for MUSUBI(ONIGIRI) or BENTO (packed lunch) as it tastes good even when cold.
Please taste good and healthy rice produced with great devotion.
We mill brown rice every day in Hawaii. You can enjoy high quality SPECIAL TSUYAHIME in the best condition.
Special Cultured Rice: Grown with 100 % organic fertilizer, low agricultural chemicals, fertile soil and good water containing a lot of minerals from Azuma Mountain Range
Producer: MARUHEI Farm in Yamagata Prefecture  
11th generation ABE HEIZAEMON
Try our best quality Japanese rice in Hawaii.


    We recommend  70% polishing ratio.
    The rice polishing ratio is the percentage of the rice that remains after the husk (outer portion) of the brown rice (all rice is brown prior to removal of the husk) is polished off. The husk and outer portion of the kernel contain more protein and vitamin B1 than the inner portion of the grain. These two components are very good for your beauty and health. They also release stress and prevent diabetese. 

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